In this award-winning one-woman autobiographical musical, DonnaD Lipari shares her personal journey, unique but also universal. Freeing her voice from childhood traumas, she embraces her gifts of mediumship and music. Through story and song, Donna reveals secret spiritual truths meant to heal, uplift and enlighten. The show runs 100 minutes without intermission and includes a short segment of live audience readings. Winner of the United Solo 2018 Award for Best Premiere.

Special Audiences: 

Spiritual/metaphysical community; women’s empowerment groups; grief and healing circles; baby boomers and seniors.

                                                           Not appropriate for young children 12 or under.


A Long Island performance to benefit the COPE Foundation is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 7pm at BACCA Arts Center in Lindenhurst; check Events page for more details and to view a trailer from the show. Purchase page has a link to order benefit tickets.