Show Testimonials

“The Medium…The Music…And ME! is a wonderful tour de force for singer, songwriter, musician, actor and medium Donna Lipari. Her story is compelling and unique. Her songs are heartfelt and memorable. Her singing and acting talents are evident throughout the show. And she connects emotionally to the audience in the intimate setting of the United Solo at Theatre Row venue. A great night at the theatre featuring a quadruple threat with an otherworldly gift!” – L.J.

“I am speechless, you took my breath away watching your amazing play last night! I was so moved, anguished, uplifted, appreciative–so many feelings that your play inspired! You are a natural actress and entertainer… The play inspired us all to lift ourselves out of whatever conditions that are holding us down and back from becoming WHO WE WERE BORN TO AND MEANT TO BE!” – L.B.

“I came to your show on September 28th and brought a friend with me. We both loved it! You did an excellent job telling a difficult story. Kudos!” – R.S.

“Just want to tell you the show was wonderful. Even though you shared some of your personal stories with me, there were times I just wanted to jump up and hug you. I laughed, cried and felt happiness for you. To be so honest and real is refreshing and courageous… You found your voice and it is beautiful. I loved the songs you wrote, they were terrific.” – C.B.

“Thank you for inviting me to this show. I absolutely LOVED it. I cried at the film clip when Donna’s mother sang. This theatre endeavor was brilliant! Donna’s voice is exceptional in spirit, tone, texture and clarity.” – M.S.

“I loved your show. It was very inspiring, eye-opening, and meaningful for me. It was also obviously extremely brave of you to put it all out there for everyone to view. I learned some valuable lessons from your show that night about myself, my own past relationship with my mom and me as the mom…” – B.H.

“I still cannot express how deeply I was touched by the arc and depth of purpose of your piece. Your bonafide “Heroine’s Journey” was structured with layer upon layer of a deep unfolding of how one BECOMES who they are meant to become, and I felt a shift of healing happen inside my own soul as I watched your story unfold.” – S.G.

“We cannot get over how great your show was. It was dynamic, engaging, genuine and very brave. You were a powerhouse for 85 minutes. We loved all the songs. Congratulations for the best premiere award. We cannot wait to see you on Broadway!” – H & E


Mediumship Testimonials

“What you communicated to me has been life changing and healing. For the past three years I have struggled with the events surrounding my father’s death. It has been a hard time but I can finally see some closure and know for sure my father loved me and isn’t angry with me. I have told everyone how amazing you are and have forwarded on your information. I have also made connections after our session that I could not seem to make at the time. What you have given me is a gift and I am forever grateful of your generosity and kindness.” – J.P.

“My husband had a reading with you last night… I just wanted to thank you for making him a believer! I strongly believe the reading will help him go forward. He was 5 when his father passed and I felt he had a void in his heart. He needed his Dad to come forward to tell him he was proud of him and that he was well liked and respected in his job. My husband always felt he wasn’t good enough and is way too hard on himself when it comes to his job… I just wanted to thank you. And don’t be surprised if I make an appointment in the near future.” – A.R.

I just wanted to thank you again for today. You have such a special gift, thank you for sharing it with me (and others). I feel like I can breathe again and I’m so glad you helped me refocus my journey and cleared the path for me. I’m thrilled so many people came through it was so comforting to hear from them again. I will definitely keep in touch and would love to come see you again in the future. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.” – S.M.

“Just wanted to let you know as my family gathered for Mother’s Day at my father’s favorite park… there was a random woman that held 5 balloons waiting at the park entrance… 4 white (probably for his 4 kids) and one green (probably for my mom)… my last sister arrived 15 minutes later and the woman with the balloons was still standing at the park entrance. You are amazing… when you told me to look for balloons you were right on the mark!!!!” – C.M.

“I wanted to take this time to Thank You so much for the wonderful reading…  There are not enough words to say thanks. It was the most calming and spiritual reading I have ever had.    You made me feel comfortable and more at ease with the decisions I have been making during this most difficult time in my life. Your gift has given me a sort of second blessing and clarity, and understanding that I have been needing and looking for. It’s almost like a confirmation of all of the things that I have been feeling and that it was not all in my mind and that I was not crazy especially with the matters with my mother. You made me realize my own strengths!!! That they are still there!!!” – A.D.

“I just wanted to thank you for the incredible experience and education you gave me last night. I feel differently today – surrounded and accompanied, and hopeful. I awoke with a start in the middle of the night, of course, and it was like visitations from all of them, even more than the ones you identified. There are a lot of relatives who have passed on that I dreamed about, saw or sensed. They were all helpful and supportive. My dreams were FULL of loving, supportive people. I am amazed, in awe, and cannot believe your ability… THANK YOU for being the generous person you are and spending all the time you did with me. Thank you for sharing this gift. I feel A LOT better.” – L.B.

“My heart is full of Thanksgiving for you and your work. Gratitude comes easy when we accept the spiritual lessons in hard circumstances. You helped me to do just that and I am happy to share with all. Thanks for your good word about {my} book, For the Love of Daniel, and website, www.fortheloveofdaniel.net).” {Please note, Donna’s messages from Daniel are highlighted in this book.} – A.G.

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful it was to sit through a reading with you and to watch you work. It simply amazes me, this gift you have and how you have chosen to embrace it and to share it with others… I thank you for the messages you were able to give me, and as I have reflected upon them, I feel a greater peace and confidence in moving forward with my life.” – S.D.

“Thank you for Today. It was a One of a Kind Experience. OK so here’s the healing part for me:   I have always had a big fear of death because I thought it was the end, somehow I channeled this fear of death into a fear of going to sleep, and have always had sleep issues. Now that I KNOW it’s not the end I feel freed of the fear. I can honestly say that last night was the first night, for as long as I can remember, I went to sleep and was unafraid. Thank you.” – K. B.